Our Facilities

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facilities are second to none. Not only are they the best in town but the latest technologies in the world.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Humidified Neonatal Mechanical Ventilator
  • Surfactant Therapy
  • Preterm Incubator Care
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Phototherapy and Exchange Blood Transfusion
  • Radiant Warmers
  • Oxygen Therapy (Mixed and 100% oxygen)
  • Infusion Pump for Precise Drug and Fluid Administration
  • Continuous Patient Monitoring
  • Executive Baby Cot
  • Dedicated Nursing Care

In-house Special Baby Care Unit

Special Baby Care Unit
Phototherapy Unit & Resuscitae

Early Detection Equipment

  • Breast Cancer is the commonest cancer amongst women
  • Early detection and treatment saves life!
  • Mammogram, now available in Eldorado Diagnostic Center, Awka detects breast cancer at early stage before you or your doctor can feel it.
  • Mammogram machine in Eldorado Diagnostic Center is modern, digital and run by trained staff.
  • Compulsory for women above 40 years of age

Mammogram Machine
X-Ray Machine

Fully Automated Laboratory

32-Slice Computed Tomographic Imaging (CT Scan)

Other Facilities

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy